Dessert Sale




Dear Students & Parents: It is time for the AB Friends of Music Holiday Pie & Dessert Sale fundraiser!

This fundraiser is run for the benefit of the students and students will once again earn 40% of the total amount they sell. For example, if a student sells $100 worth of desserts, they will earn $40 profit which will automatically be credited to the student’s individual account, to be used for trips, uniform purchases, banquet tickets, or other music expenses.

Please keep in mind that the products will be delivered to us frozen and have a shelf life of at least six months if kept frozen. Therefore, suggest to your customers that they order for the holidays and beyond. The Cookie Dough is great for band and chorus snacks!

In compliance with the guidelines established by the AB School Committee, students are asked to solicit only their family, neighbors, friends, association members and co-workers. THIS IS NOT A DOOR-TO-DOOR SALE.  See reverse side for selling tips.


Important Dates:

Sale Starts — Monday, September 9th

Orders & Checks Dueto Mr. Arsenault, Ms. Moss or Ms. Greene — Wednesday, October 16th

Pick-Up Date— Saturday before Thanksgiving – Saturday, November 23rd


How to take an order:

  1. Show your customers the Broadway Cafe Brochure!
  2. Direct customers with allergy/nutrition questions to:
  3. Write each sale on the back of the brochurewith customer’s contact information.
  4. Take payment at time of order. Either by Check made out to ABFOM. Or cash, which must be converted to ONE personal check by you, prior to submittal of the order.
  5. Tell the customer that you will deliver orders to them on Saturday, November 23rd. *Remember that the items must remain frozen! You will need to have adequate freezer space to hold your itemsif you cannot deliver them all on that Saturday morning.

How to complete your orders and hand them in:

  1. Fill in your name, phone number and email address on the envelope.
  2. Transfer the total number of each item ordered from the back of the brochureto the correct boxes on the composite sheet on the envelope. Calculate the total money collected for each item and write that in the correct box on the envelope. Please double check all addition and multiplication.Write in the total quantity and the total $ collected in the bottom boxes.
  3. Make a copy of the composite sheet(front of the envelope). This step is important – you will need this for your own records if questions arise.
  4. Hand in ONLY the completed envelope and ALL CHECKS (no cash) by Wednesday, October 16th– Keep the photocopy and the brochure so you can correctly deliver your orders.

Don’t forget…Checks are made payable to ABFOM. All Cash orders must be converted to a single personal check by you, made out to ABFOM.


Pick-Up Orders outside ABRHS Front Door!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd ~ 9:00 AM TO 11:00 AM

You or your parents MUST pick up your items before11:00 AM


Questions? Please contact Joanne Grega, Marcia Russo, or Sara Junghans at